Assorted homemade scones and pastries

Yogurt, honey and homemade granola-$4

Baguette served warm with butter and jam-$4

Add hard cooked egg with Dijon crème
to your breakfast-$1

Breakfast crêpes

-add side of fresh fruit for-$1

Black forest ham, Swiss and Gruyere
with Dijon crème -$7

Smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese -$7

Bacon, mozzarella and tomato -$7

Brie and jam -$5

Butter, cinnamon and sugar-$4

Lemon and powdered sugar-$4

Butter and honey-$4

GLUTEN-FREE crepe batter available add-$1

Croque monsieur sandwich

Farmhouse bread with Dijon crème, Black Forest ham and Gruyere toasted, served with fresh fruit-$8

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-French café and créperie-

1307 NE 78th St Suite 10, Vancouver, WA 98665
(360) 553-5836